Bridgewater College

Six graduate students are now living in Bridgewater College on-campus housing for the first time since the College launched new graduate programs in 2017. A College-owned cottage has been refurbished into three single and two double rooms for the students. The fully furnished house includes a living room, two kitchens, a large back yard and a deck with a view of BC’s Jopson Athletic Complex.

Stephanie Kauffman, Coordinator of Housing Operations, said that there had been discussion of providing graduate student housing for a while, and they were finally able to make it happen earlier this summer. She said that the students appreciate being so close to campus and their classes, and that the rooms are very affordable.

Thomas Rose ’24 is a fifth-year BC student completing his master of science in human resource management and living in the graduate student house. Rose is originally from near Richmond, Va., and competes on the men’s swimming team. He said he decided to live on campus during his year-long graduate program because it was easier to get to classes and swim practice and because the cost of his double room was less expensive than anywhere else he could find. Rose also said that he’s particularly enjoyed taking advantage of the interior renovations.

“I was raving to my friends about it,” Rose said. “The kitchen is better than the one back home at my parents’ house.”

More information about Bridgewater’s graduate programs and on-campus graduate housing is available on the BC graduate admissions website.