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More than a dozen Bridgewater College art and digital media art majors will showcase their works in a senior art thesis exhibition on display in Bridgewater College’s Beverly Perdue Art Gallery and various locations on campus from Monday, April 22, through Friday, May 3.

The exhibition of artwork is created by graduating senior art majors as part of their thesis requirements. Each student will be showcasing art that is the culmination of four years of work and development.

The art exhibition will have an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. on Monday, April 22, in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery located on the main level of the John Kenny Forrer Learning Commons. Gallery talks will be held from 6-10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 23, in Bowman Hall, room 100. The exhibition, opening reception and gallery talks are free and open to the public. Maps to each exhibit location are available in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery, making it a good starting point for visitors.

The Beverly Perdue Art Gallery is open from 7:30 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday; 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday; and noon to midnight on Sunday.

Students showcasing their work in the 2024 senior art show at Bridgewater College include:

Isabelle Bauer

A digital media arts major from Moseley, Va., Isabelle Bauer will exhibit “Coastal Postal,” a series of digitally drawn posters highlighting coastal locations Bauer has visited, each with a mermaid as the focal point.

“The poster collection highlights these beautiful areas I’ve visited and captures the timeless, magical, allure of seaside destinations. Through this work, I aspire to evoke the same sense of joy in the viewers’ hearts that I experienced when I visited these locations and encourage them to visit these beautiful places,” Bauer said.

On campus, Bauer competes on the College’s swim team and belongs to two honors societies: Philomathes Society and Alpha Chi. She is also a Flory Honors Program Fellow. After graduation, Bauer will work as a content developer at ColonialWebb in Richmond.

Bauer’s exhibition will be on display in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery, located in the John Kenny Forrer Learning Commons.

Khari Dublin

A digital media arts major from Chesterfield, Va., Khari Dublin will exhibit “The Encounter,” a comedic animated short film which explores the depths of human emotion.

“There is a stigma that animation is a ‘kid’s genre’ of entertainment, and while that can apply to a number of shows and movies, it undermines the work that goes into making those products. Having grown up watching cartoons and animated movies, I’ve always had an appreciation for the idea of creating, writing and animating characters to bring them to life,” Dublin said.

After graduation, Dublin plans to explore opportunities in advertising and design while also pursuing personal artistic interests.

Dublin’s exhibition will be on display in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Sarah Henneberger

A digital media arts major from Glen Allen, Va., Sarah Henneberger will exhibit an interactive and playable game demo, supplemented by three prints and a video projection sharing details about her design choices.

“Having grown up playing games, I acquired an interest in creating video games that give others the same joy that I experienced,” Henneberger said. According to Henneberger, the project’s aim is to “reflect my journey and the experience I have gained in visual design and execution” and “create a comprehensive demonstration of what the process of game design looks like.”

On campus, Henneberger is active in the Department of Music and sings in three choral ensembles: Chorale, Concert Choir and Treble Choir. After graduation, she will continue her education in the master of arts in digital media strategy (MDMS) program at Bridgewater College.

Henneberger’s exhibition will be on display in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Lydia Hough

An art major from New Hope, Va., Lydia Hough will exhibit “Sunny (Red),” a series of 17 acrylic paintings celebrating the life of her horse while exploring the linearity of grief and fading memories.

“This show started when I lost Sunny, my horse of ten years. I needed to paint through my grief and show what words could not express. These vibrant paintings highlight the memories I’m afraid of losing: the curve of his ears, the softness of his nose and the gentle expression of his eyes,” Hough said.

Hough sings in the College’s Oratorio Choir and is a member of the Philomathes Society. She also co-founded and served as vice president of the Cosplay Club. Following graduation, Hough will complete a master of arts in clinical mental health counseling at Eastern Mennonite University.

Hough’s exhibition will be on display in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Zed Stahl

A digital media arts major from Staunton, Va., Zed Stahl will exhibit a series of digital illustrations depicting an imagined Confederate soldier’s life during the American Civil War.

“For years, many people have wondered about the life of a Confederate soldier. Although some would mythologize that life, this project stays true to history with some creativities. When I completed this [project], it was like uncovering the life of that person who lived in history. This story shows how an imagined Confederate soldier might have participated in that war while living in that era,” Stahl said.

Following graduation, Stahl plans to work part-time while completing the MDMS program at Bridgewater College.

Stahl’s exhibition will be on display in the Beverly Perdue Art Gallery.

Barbara-Kelly “BK” Fru

An art major from Adelphi, Md., Barbara-Kelly “BK” Fru will exhibit 12 abstract paintings which explore a range of expressive compositions and techniques, including vibrant colors and textures.

“The energy of the nighttime urban environment comes from a blend of light sources, sounds of music, chatter and traffic which became the inspirations for this project. Through my paintings, I aim to portray the captivating beauty and movement of nocturnal city scenes,” Fru said.

At Bridgewater, Fru works as a digital scholarship guru and a circulation desk assistant in the John Kenny Forrer Learning Commons. In fall 2023, she was a SOAR mentor, a student leader who welcomes first-year students to Bridgewater. After graduation, Fru will look for jobs in graphic design and other art-related fields.

Fru’s exhibition will be on display in the Eagle’s Nest, located in the Kline Campus Center.

Kayla Hoover

A digital media arts major from Broadway, Va., Kayla Hoover will exhibit “Sonder,” a series of 10 digitally illustrated posters based on significant details of her life. Each poster is influenced by retro colors and fonts as part of Hoover’s development of her own style.

“Each of these pieces representing different stages of my life holds significance for me. Their interrelationships form a whole. However, I am not the only one with life defining moments. ‘Sonder’ was coined by the writer John Kooning, as the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as one’s own. I ask viewers to reflect on their own lives as they glimpse moments from mine,” Hoover said.

Hoover currently holds two part-time jobs and was involved with Bridgewater’s Lend a Paw club, Environmental Science Club, the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and the Alpha Mu Gamma honor society. Hoover will continue her current employment upon graduation.

Hoover’s exhibition will be on display in the Eagle’s Nest.

Olivia Taylor

A digital media arts major from Mechanicsville, Va., Olivia Taylor will exhibit seven to nine printed posters of Formula One racetrack destinations.

“This project focuses on ten of the 24 destinations that Formula 1 teams travel to throughout the season. The posters are colorful and bright, and include images and motifs inspired by each destination. Through this work I hope to evoke feelings of awe, enthusiasm and curiosity I experience as a Formula 1 fan,” Taylor said.

At Bridgewater, Taylor is a Flory Honors Program Fellow and a member of the Philomathes Society. Following graduation, Taylor plans to work as a graphic designer with a focus on digital illustration.

Taylor’s exhibition will be on display in the Eagle’s Nest.

Lydia Hart

A digital media arts major from Gloucester, Va., Lydia Hart will exhibit 22 posters depicting the senior students on Bridgewater’s track and field teams.

“I began this project as a means of showcasing my passion for sports photography and skills in graphic design. My goal was to produce a collection that resonates with the energy and passion of the team,” Hart said. She added that the project’s aim is “to honor the dedication of these seniors, and their legacies in a series of exciting and visually stunning graphic posters.”

On campus, Hart utilizes her photography skills while working as an athletic media relations student assistant. Hart hopes to pursue a career in photography after graduation by building her own photography business.

Hart’s exhibition will be on display on the second floor of Nininger Hall, around the corner from the Wampler President’s Suite.

Mayra Mejia-Guardado

A digital media arts major from Woodbridge, Va., Mayra Mejia-Guardado will exhibit “Dedicación del Corazón,” which includes photographs of her family members’ hands framed by painted handmade ceramic frames.

“This work is a deeply personal exploration offering a nuanced portrait of my family members showcasing the diversity of their professions, ages and environments. Complimenting the photographs, I have also crafted ceramic frames, inspired by the distinctive art style of El Salvador. The illustrations adorning these frames provide a visual narrative, referencing each family member’s unique journey,” Mejia-Guardado said.

At Bridgewater, Mejia-Guardado was a SOAR mentor and a member of the Latinx Student Association. Mejia-Guardado plans to complete the MDMS program at Bridgewater College after graduation, with the goal of working in sports media.

Mejia-Guardado’s exhibition will be on display in the northeast entrance corridor of Rebecca Hall.

Chiedozie Osondu

A digital media arts major from Lorton, Va., Chiedozie Osondu will exhibit photographs of fallen trees which may seem unsightly due to decay or other transformation.

“Through the images, I wish to reveal the hidden beauty within these natural forms. In each image, I aim to instill a sense of reverence, wonder and excitement, inviting viewers to discover the beauty that is inherent in decay and transformation,” Osondu said.

Osondu is president of BC’s African Student Association. After graduation, Osondu will study art and photography at either the University of California, Los Angeles or Grand Canyon University and eventually create his own small photography business.

Osondu’s exhibition will be on display in the Black Box Theatre, located below the main stage of Cole Hall.

Ryan Roeber Tenberg

An art major from Catlett, Va., Ryan Roeber Tenberg will exhibit “Inheritance,” a series of black-and-white illustrative paintings focusing on the use of positive and negative space and depicting scenes from the Old Testament.

“These paintings depict members of Christ’s genealogy and serve as a reminder that these are not just names on a list, but human beings who lived full, complex lives. In these stories, I see the familiar patterns of my own failure, but am simultaneously uplifted by the knowledge that all these actions have been washed clean by grace,” Tenberg said.

On campus, Tenberg is a Flory Honors Program Fellow, competes on the women’s tennis team and participates in Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU), an interdenominational Christian group. Tenberg plans to teach art after graduation.

Tenberg’s exhibition will be on display in the Stone Chapel, located in the Carter Center for Worship and Music.

Savannah Wilson

An art major from Farmville, Va., Savannah Wilson will exhibit “The Unglamorous Equine,” a series of acrylic paintings on wood panels based on an observational study of basic equine behaviors considered negative or unglamorous.

“I was inspired to do this in contrast to the media’s portrayal of the horse as happy, calm and well-behaved. I watch a horse or a group of horses and then record the behaviors that I see first-hand,” Wilson said. According to Wilson, her exhibit enables viewers to “experience the horse without distraction while seeing the horse as not only a majestic creature but also an expressive being.”

Wilson serves on the executive board of the College’s Equestrian Club and competes on the club’s Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) team, a collegiate equestrian team in which members compete while riding horses they have not ridden before. Wilson will work on her family’s cattle farm, while further developing her skills and passions after graduation.

Wilson’s exhibition will be on display on the first floor of Bowman Hall.

David Manson David Manson, a digital media arts major from Bridgewater, Va., will exhibit his senior thesis in the Black Box Theatre.

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